“Share your story with the world, you never know what impact it will have.”


From Bali With Love

Hello everyone, I am delighted to share with you my life transformation story. My name is Ajeng, and 7 years ago (2016), I wrote my nine pages life script. Today, I am living the life I envisioned in that script, free from the constraints of a 9 to 5 job and able to do what I love wherever and whenever I want, either at the beautiful beachside or in a jungle village of Bali.

The journey to where I am today wasn't easy, but it was worth every struggle. I had to leave my corporate life in Jakarta, as life kicked me out to pursue a liberating life in Bali. I embraced the challenges that came with it and discovered that the Law of Attraction does work.

I'm thrilled to share my stories and inspire others to follow their dreams. I hope my journey can motivate you to believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and pursue your passions. Life is too short to settle for less than we desire, and anything is possible with perseverance and determination.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, and I hope it inspires you to take action toward your goals.



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Cups of Coffee


A Day in my life

Yoga on the beach
woman working remotely on laptop on beach in tropics

I begin my mornings with a refreshing yoga session on the beach, either by walking or cycling there. It takes me approximately 15 to 30 minutes to reach the shore from my home, depending on my pace.

As for my work, I have the flexibility to work from anywhere, but I mostly choose the beachside as my preferred location. Alternatively, I also enjoy working from the comfort of my home, as it provides a serene atmosphere that allows me to be more productive with minimal distractions.

To keep my energy levels high throughout the day, I make sure to indulge in a delicious cup of coffee. It never fails to give me the boost I need to tackle any task that comes my way.

Sunny morning, coffee break